About Rehearsals

Booking Information

You can book by phone, email, text, Whatsapp or Facebook. We'll take a few details to ensures that we both have all the relevant information we need to make your rehearsal or recording session as successful as possible. As much as we would like to book everyone that contacts us, we are very much of the mind that we will only book you in if we feel we can best suit your needs. There is no point us booking in 7 piece orchestra or a thrash metal band with a 9 piece drum kit as we simply would not be able accommodate them comfortably. Subsequent bookings can then be made via text or email if preferred.

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At A Glance

  • What is included

    PA System, 3 mics & stands
    2 Guitar Amps
    Bass Amp
    Drum Kit, but not breakables: Snare, Kick Pedal and Cymbals can be hired if required.

    Keyboards stand

  • Evenings & Weekends

    Studios A & B
    4 hours £55
    3 hours £50

  • Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

    10am-2pm £30
    2pm-6pm £35
    10am-6pm £55
    or £9p/h for your own slot

  • Cancellations

    More than a weeks notice - No fee
    More than 24 hours notice - £10 fee
    Less than 24 hours notice/no show - full amount
    Full Terms and Conditions here

Detailed View

Prices include, Drum Kit (excl. breakables), Bass Amp, 2 Guitar Amps, PA, 3 Mics
Evening Slots - 6pm till 10pm
4 hours £55 £45
3 hours £50 £40
2 hours £45 £30
Monday to Friday - Slots
10am - 2pm (4 hours) £30 £25
2pm - 6pm (4 hours) £35
10am - 6pm (8 hours) £55 £45
2pm - 10pm (8 hours) £85 £60
Monday to Friday - Hourly Rate
10am - 6pm (per hour) £9 £7.50
6pm - 7pm £20 £16.50
Weekends & Bank Holidays
2 hours £40 £30
3 hours £45 £40
4 hours (+£10 for each additional hour) £50 £45
Sat 10am-6pm (8 hours) £80 N/A
Special Rates
Solo Drummer / Solo Artist £5 per hour £7.50p/h on the day booking
Teacher Rates from £6.50 per hour
Additional Equipment Hire - Price per session
Keyboard (Roland RD800 Stage Piano) £7.50
Additional Mics and stands £1
Snare £2.50
Kick Drum Pedal £2.50
Cymbals (Crash, Ride, Hi Hats) £2.50
Cymbals Individually (inc. China, Splash) £1 each
Drum Sticks (hire) £2
Guitar / Bass £5
Additional Guitar Amp £2.50
Jack to Jack Lead (Instrument Cable) £1
Guitar Strap £1
Capo £1


Booking Information... Continued

Studios A & B hold up to 6 people. Any more than that and the room is just too crowded for a productive session so we keep it at 6 as a maximum. Please don't ask us to allow more people in.
Studio D is will hold 4 comfortably.

The booking process is quite straight forward. Pick your preferred time and day, maybe have a backup time and day just in case, give us a call and we'll go from there. We will require your full name, mobile number and postal address for the system to confirm your booking. Mobile number is required because the full studio address and booking confirmation will be sent to this. The name and address is simply an insurance and legal requirement. Without this bookings can not proceed.

Cancellation Policy. The following charges will apply if you cancel your session:
More than a weeks notice - No fee
More than 24 hours notice - £10 fee is payable
Less than 24 hours notice/no show - the full session fee is payable

Full Terms and Conditions are here...